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Marketing Assistant

Our client is a leading retailer of luxury goods, they require a person to assist their Marketing Manager.  Duties will include:

  • Preparing campaigns to promote the various brands in line with international principals recommendations
  • Constant liaison with the Manager, the overseas Principals, the retail outlets, etc., to see what  works and what are the current trends
  • Preparing and managing events
  • Preparing advertising campaigns
  • Developing social media strategies and working on managing social media pages.
  • Doing research re competitiveness in the market place
  • Doing research regarding new brands not represented in Malta
  • General administration which may be required within the Marketing department
  • Maintaining and updating customer databases.
This position is ideally suited to a recent Marketing Graduate who is looking for a start within this area of business.  Applicant for this position must dynamic, creative, able to multitaks and see projects through from start to finish
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